TOKUYI TO RSWA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



TOKUYI TO – RSW(A) Smart Robot Cleaner Auto Sweeping Machine
Main Features:
• Automatic Cleaning for home and office, can clean large area
• Anti-collision system: It can better protect the furniture
• Low noise design: Quiet less than 50dB design, provides a comfortable and eased surrounding
• Cleaning modes : Automatic cleaning, border cleaning, fixed-point function cleaning, etc.
• Working time: About 120 minutes
• 6.5cm slim design enable this cleaner working in the narrow space, it is possible to clean the bottom of furniture and corner
• Touch control: Support finger, toes, shoes touch control function
• Can be full of charging cable during three hours, safe and practical
• Three operating modes time selection: 10min, 20min, max, an electric charge can be used multiple times
• Intelligent cleaning without care, self-cleaning, edge sweep, can thoroughly clean the wall, the cleaning efficiency can reach 98 percent
• Can be detected in advance to a wall or furniture, do not hit, do not stay in furniture or under the bed
• Exclusive intelligent motor protection, can effectively protect the motor
• Circular design, looks cute
• Has a handle, portable to use
• Easily deal with all kinds of environment