Arcade Console 1220 Video Games!



Arcade machine for two players with tons of classic and modern games. All the greats from Capcom, SNK, Konami and much more. Retrogaming heaven right here!

–Excellent Engineering Design, Real Interactive Experience;
–Top class chipset and branded hardware component.
–Design for low power comsuption.
–Hundreds of classic arcade games collection.
–Super high definition game resolution and high quality video & audio engine.
–Top ranking game control experienceas well as stable performance.
–PC material console panel.
–1220 in 1, with1220 games.
–Upgraded Gamepad, with pause button.
— Plug and Play.
–Input: 110-240V
(PS:The 12V3A adapter is the most stable for the game console, and the actual ship is shipped with the 12V3A adapter)