Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower



Acer Predator G6 Gaming Computer Tower
Equipped with feature-rich and high-end motherboard, featuring powerful Graphics and CPU processor, offering gamers a truly seamless gaming experience. Radiator

supported to keep your CPU running cooler. Large side panel window to show off your hardware. Cable routing cutouts and tie downs to make the inside look uncluttered.

All of this can give gamers a full suite for gaming dominance.
Main Features:
● Microsoft Windows 10 Home Chinese Version
Offers more powerful performance, brings you more smooth and wonderful user experience
● CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K Quad Core 4.0GHz, up to 4.2GHz
Equipped with better performance, delivering plenty of power for multitasking
● Dedicated Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 4GB
Better and faster in playing games and watching videos
● 16GB DDR4 RAM, up to 64GB
Offers you a high-impact gaming experience, ensures faster Internet speed and smooth operation
● 128GB SSD + 2TB HDD Hard Disk Memory
Whether it is needed for work, study or play, this hard disk memory will suit all your needs
● Motherboard: Intel Z170
● AC Adapter: 730W, 100 – 240V